Look Inside Yourself With The Help Of DEXA Scan

by - February 26, 2019

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It is not a secret that nocturnal lifestyle is damaging for the health. Adult people who prefer a night owl's sleeping patterns and lifeway habits are nearly twice as likely to have diabetes and psychological health problems. According to various studies people who tend to stay up until the early hours in the morning might get negative consequences for the overall health. Keeping up a healthy diet and appropriate sleeping practices is not an easy task, especially for people who do not have a consistent work schedule, but there is no harm in trying. 

The beginning of spring is a great time to start organizing your lifestyle and plan a personal fitness program. But there is something important to consider before starting an exercise and diet program - your current state of health. The best way to find out if your body is ready for these changes is to look inside yourself with the help of DEXA scan. Do you have problems with your joints? Maybe you have muscular asymmetry or issues in your bone structure? DEXA scan will give you comprehensive answers to all of these questions.

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DEXA scan is one of the most popular scanning methods among professional and amateur athletes, who like to monitor their health condition and body composition. Dual-Enerxy X-ray Absorptiometry scanning precisely measures your bone mineral density, overall body fat, its weight and percentage. The final results are compared to other results in your age and gender group. Based on this information, fitness and dieting specialists will be able to create personalized plans for you, taking your body composition into account.

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Certain physical activities and diets, such as weight-lifting, crossfit or restrictive low-fat plans, are not recommended to people with determined health issues. That is why it is so important to scan your body before planning your lifestyle metamorphosis. DEXA scan will give you a detailed body map, explaining the sense of where is your health and body condition now. Over time you will be able to track your health and body improvements, comparing your current state with the beginning results.

DEXA scanning is not only a great to monitor your weight loss journey and health changes, it is a great way to diagnose various health issues on early stages like osteoporosis, bone fractures, hyperthyroidism, Crohn’s disease and others. Just in five-seven minutes you are going to see a thorough information about your body composition and possible diseases. Your personal therapist will help you to find the nearest DEXA scan cabinet in your city.

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I'm excited to start improving my lifestyle habits! Eating healthy, staying hydrated and sleeping the recommended number of hours during night time are my health priorities for the upcoming spring season. Hopefully, there will be no health considering restrictions and I'll be able to reach all of my goals in the nearest months. And what is your goal for the springtime?

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